Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee


OTPDC Conference 2018 a success!

On March 16, the Annual OTPDC conference brought presenters and students together to explore what holism means in occupational therapy. On behalf of the Professional Development Committee, thank-you to our keynote speakers, presenters, vendors, faculty, volunteers, and attendees for making the day a success! A gallery of photos from the day can be found here.

October 23rd Lunch & Learn Session

Here’s a summary of the things that were discussed at the lunch and learn session on October 23rd. Credit goes to Andrea Hoflin for taking these great notes! INTRO PLACEMENTS •Don’t be stressed out! This is a great opportunity to shadow OTs and learn/practice skills. •Be on time!! Be early – this is really important! […]

The OT Calgary Cohort Experience

                             U of A OT Calgary Cohort Classes of 2016 and 2017 What’s the same? Lectures, assignments, exams and professors You become an OT!! What’s different? Having 30-70% of lectures live in Calgary (course and term dependent) More screen time → computer […]

Purpose in Occupational Therapy

What do you want to be when you grow up? As children, we were probably all asked this question from time to time. Depending on when asked, we might have answered: A veterinarian, a firefighter, an astronaut, a musician, a basketball player, or any other archetype of career aspiration. These ideas of who we might […]

10 Tips for Thriving in OT School

Hello and Welcome First Years! First off, congratulations on getting into the program! I’m sure for many of you this was probably the most exciting thing that happened to you all summer (if not in your life), so huge congratulations to all of you! We are super excited to have you in the program and […]

Coming Soon…

We are currently working very hard on some blog posts that you will hopefully find helpful in your transition into the occupational therapy at the University of Alberta! Please stay tuned to this page for future updates! 🙂