Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

First OSCE



  • You are prepared! Once you feel like you have learned everything, it is probably best to practice on your own or prepare for 510 information.
  • Take a deep breath and tell yourself – “I can do this!”. Believe in yourself and you can go far.
  • It is okay to think out loud during the OSCE if you need to. If you feel yourself getting mixed up, it’s okay to walk yourself through what to do if it will help you reason and get through the steps! You’ve practiced, be confident, you know it!
  • Not passing the first try does not mean you aren’t meant to be an OT and it doesn’t mean you won’t successfully complete the program. We all face challenges and trials, it really is part of the learning process!
  • I recommend not drinking coffee or anything with too much caffeine before the OSCE. Drink chamomile or some other soothing relaxing tea. Peach Tranquility anyone?
  • Just be yourself with the client. Do not worry too much about what you imagine an occupational therapist would be like in an interview situation. Things will always go more smoothly if you are just yourself, authentic and real.
  • The “clients” will be doing this all day and will sometimes get tired or maybe mix up which injury they are supposed to be portraying. DON’T Panic! Know that you can ask your client to confirm again what their challenge is which brought them in.
  • If you get flustered during the exam, just take a second to decompress and breath and refocus on what you are doing.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to the timer! I did this in my OSCE and it was very stressful to see the time counting down. Be aware that you have a time limit, but know that it is better to do what you can well in that time than try and rush everything and be stressed and not do the assessment well.
  • Remember, you got this!


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