Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

October 23rd Lunch & Learn Session

Here’s a summary of the things that were discussed at the lunch and learn session on October 23rd. Credit goes to Andrea Hoflin for taking these great notes!


•Don’t be stressed out! This is a great opportunity to shadow OTs and learn/practice skills.
•Be on time!! Be early – this is really important!
•Do some research to invest yourself
•Appreciate your preceptor! Mugs make great gifts, black pens, Starbucks cards. If you have multiple preceptors, don’t stress too much. The gift doesn’t have to be big! Include a card.
•Dress professionally the first day– understand what business casual is. NO-NOs:
-Ripped clothes
-UGG boots
-Flip flops
-Tank tops/spaghetti straps
•If you need scrubs, they’ll tell you, and they can give you some.
•Clarify the cell phone use policy. Default to no phone!
Might be allowed at lunch, but better to just put it away all day. Use lunch to get to know your preceptor without clients present.
•Preceptor might need time away at lunch; if that is the case – respect it.
•Have stuff to do in case preceptor needs time to do own thing.
•Bring clipboard to take notes.
•Know your fit mask size just in case there is some sort of open wound.
•Be honest- If you feel uncomfortable with something you’re asked to do, just tell them. They’ll understand if you want to watch.
•Good questions to ask: how did you come to that conclusion? How do you keep work/life balance? How did you get into this area? What does your day look like?
•It’s okay if you don’t like your intro placement! It doesn’t mean you can’t/shouldn’t be an OT.

•Reading – know your learning style; most of the information will be delivered in class. 507 readings have relevant information.
•Course coordinators make exam – reach out to course coordinators for clarification of exam material; don’t be afraid to ask for examples.
•When learning: Focus on application of information, rather than memorization of information
•Last year: 583 final was application based, not memorization. Neuro is a small portion of exam.
•502 – a very useful class for your OT practice!
•Questions about OCCTH 599 (in place of 3 modules)? Contact Amanda Wilson.

•Second years are really available to talk to if you have ANY concerns.
•Experiencing anxiety, depression, tension = common! It can be helpful to be open about these experiences because there are others feeling similar
•Counselling services are available
•Magma Medical Clinic on Whyte Avenue has fabulous young doctors
•Self-care! Remember that your brain needs rest and balance in order to learn efficiently.

•Separate session will come later!

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