Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

The OT Calgary Cohort Experience

image                             U of A OT Calgary Cohort Classes of 2016 and 2017

What’s the same?
Lectures, assignments, exams and professors
You become an OT!!

What’s different?
Having 30-70% of lectures live in Calgary (course and term dependent)
More screen time → computer and technology video-conferencing
Some labs
Equipment, resources or facilities i.e. Foothills vs. Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Pros & Cons (as told by current students)
Smaller class size – more of a community feel!
Smaller student to staff ratio
Opportunity to learn with Calgary OT instructors and clinicians
Close to the mountains! /\^/\
Interact with PT students at the Calgary Campus
Have our own OT room with a kitchen, plinths, equipment
Easy access for meeting, eating, relaxing, or study space!
Bigger Workspace – Comfortable learning environment
Less distractions, tables and chairs vs. lecture hall, lab space, on campus library
More likely to get stay in Calgary on Placements
More placements offered in Calgary than there are students to fill them
Communication with Edmonton professors is through email or video conference instead of through face-to-face office hours
Not as many Calgary-based volunteer or Student OT job opportunities sent out through the faculty
Travel & arrangements for some Edmonton conferences and graduation
Missing the university campus feel

What goes on outside of class at the Calgary campus?
Wellness Activities
Utilization of lunch breaks/prolonged breaks to keep active and get the blood flowing
Yoga, river walks, board games & puzzles, art
Themes: Welcome, Halloween, Christmas, Spring – whenever!
Socialize with First and Second Year OTs & PTs, as well as Professors
Pub Nights
Student-organized and led

image-1                                          Halloween Potluck – Class of 2017

image-2                                                   1st Year OT & PT Workout

Find out more on the U of A Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine website at:


Email current student reps at pdccalgary@gmail.com !

– The Whole MSc OT Calgary Class of 2017 & Shannon McGeachy, Krista Zubick and Amrita Surdhar
MSc OT Class of 2017 – Calgary Cohort Class & PDC Representatives


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