Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Executive Roles & Responsibilities


  • Provide leadership to the PDC, which can be defined as “a complex process by which a person influences others to accomplish a mission, task, or objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent… Leadership makes people want to achieve high goals and objectives” (Clark, 1997).
  • Act as a primary contact person(s) for the PDC.
  • Act as liaison with Student Groups (to be updated with Student Groups after each election!)
  • Represent the PDC and their interests and activities biannually at the Department of Occupational Therapy Student Affairs Committee.
  • Review PDC Mandate annually to ensure planned events meet the needs of OT students and match the goals set out in this Mandate.
  • Book rooms for monthly meetings.
  • Communicate with the OT classes and the PDC members about meeting times and agenda.
  • Recruit and orient new PDC members.
  • Mentor, encourage, and support the work of PDC members and subcommittees.
  • Assemble an annual report on events, contacts, and suggestions for the incoming PDC.
  • Ensure that all members fulfill their role requirements and expectations to the best of their abilities in order to achieve the PDC purpose.
  • Develop the year’s budget for appropriate allocation of funds to subcommittees.
  • With treasurer, manage the PDC account:
  1. Ensure year-end balance is greater than or equal to the initial balance.
  2. Co-sign cheques for reimbursements for pre-approved funding (receipt must be presented for reimbursement to be possible).
  3. Grant approval for extra spending.
  • Orientate the incoming president(s) to the specific responsibilities of the position.


  • Co-ordinate with the president(s) to fulfilling their role(s) and responsibilities.
  • Have thorough knowledge of the responsibilities of the president(s).
  • Take the role of president in a situation where the president(s) is/are absent.
  • Orientate the incoming vice president to the specific responsibilities of the position.


  • Write meeting minutes and distribute them shortly after monthly meetings.
  • When necessary, write emails to communicate with the PDC and OT classes.
  • Orientate the incoming secretary to the specific responsibilities of the position.


  • Keep a detailed report of all money transactions in “Treasurer Notes.”
  • Pick up and file monthly bank statements in “Treasurer Binder.”
  • Keep the PDC account chequebook.
  • Orientate the incoming treasurer to the specific responsibilities of the position.
  • With president(s), manage the PDC account:
  1. Ensure year’s-end balance is greater than or equal to the initial.
  2. Co-sign cheques for reimbursements for pre-approved funding.

Professional Association Representatives


  • Act as a liaison between the PDC and the professional association.
  • Promote student awareness of professional issues as they pertain to the professional associations.
  • Communicate relevant information from these associations to OT students such as memberships, examinations, and current activities.
  • Attend association meetings (if possible) and give a brief synopsis at the next PDC monthly meeting.
  • Orientate the incoming professional association representatives to the specific responsibilities of the positions.
  • **WFOT rep will also be responsible to coordinate WFOT World OT Day Event with the Spirit Committee’s Spirit event

Calgary Representative

  • Liaise with and organize Calgary students for involvement in Spirit Month and WFOT Events
  •  Act as the primary liaison between Calgary and Edmonton for all PDC events and activities including clothing sales, Spirit Month, WFOT events, conference, and orientation
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with PDC events and activities hosted in Calgary

Social Media Representative

  • Designs media to promote PDC events and activities
  • Coordinate recordings (through pictures and video footage) of PDC Events
  • Updates PDC Event boards in Corbett Hall
  • Oversee posts on Facebook and other social media sites as required
  • Act as the primary person to update general information on the PDC website

Event Subcommittee Leaders

  • Can be executives or general members
  • Organize all specifics of the event and delegate responsibilities to fellow subcommittee members as needed.
  • Plan, chair, and book rooms for subcommittee meetings.
  • For the PDC annual report, submit detailed information on the event including cost, contacts, outcomes, and suggestions for the event in the future.
  • Orientate the incoming event subcommittee leaders to the specific responsibilities of the position.

General (All) Committee Members

  • Achieve PDC purpose using existing innovations and resources.
  • Take all measures possible to represent the PDC, OT classes, department, faculty, and clinicians, in a professional way.
  • Professionally represent the PDC to OT classes, department, faculty, clinicians, and to the community.
  • Be realistic, responsible, and professional when making commitments to the PDC.
  • Be up-to-date on current concerns as OT students and as developing professionals and make PDC aware of them.
  • Evaluate one’s own performance as a PDC member and develop goals for future professional development.

Reference Clark, D. (1997, May 11). Introduction. In Big Dog’s Leadership Page: Concepts of Leadership (chap. 1). Retrieved July 15, 2004 from http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadcon.html