Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Alexa Laidlaw, CAOT-BC Rep

Name & PDC Position: Alexa Laidlaw, CAOT-BC rep

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC

Undergraduate Degree: BSc Biology & Human Kinetics (UBC)

What made you pursue OT, and where do you see yourself going: I want a career that allows me to help people improve their health and the quality of their lives. I got curious about OT while working on applications for PT programs. Once I learned more about the OT profession and its principles and approach, I was hooked. The focus on function and the consideration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person were especially appealing to me. OT allows me to be innovative, solve complex problems, and make tangible differences in the lives of others. I appreciate how creative, self-directed, and collaborative I get to be and the endless opportunities for professional growth and development. At this point in the program, I remain very open to the type of client population and practice settings I plan to work in. There are just so many wonderful options!

What you enjoy most about the program: The supportive and collaborative culture. The students, faculty and clinicians create a rich learning environment that helps me to see new perspectives and challenges me to be a better clinician.

Fun piece of information about yourself: I love being outside – I’ll happily go for a run in -40°C 🙂

One piece of advice to first year students: Make self care a priority. Slow down, have fun, and make time for things that bring you joy. It’s a good time to develop a consistent and effective self-care practice. Your health is important and will allow you to be more present and engaged in the program and with your future clients and colleagues.