Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Celina Andrews, SAOT representative

Name & PDC Position: Celina Andrews, SAOT representative

Hometown: Red Deer, AB

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

What made you pursue OT, and where do you see yourself going: I pursued OT because the focus is on helping individuals meet their goals and doing so through holistic practice methods. I think it’s important to not only focus on the physical side of things, but the mental health side as well. I’m interested in a variety of practice areas and I haven’t limited myself into excluding any particular areas of practice just yet!

What you enjoy most about the program: I enjoy the supportive nature of classmates and the faculty. Everyone seems to care about each other and it’s a really supportive environment.

Fun piece of information about yourself: I love motorcycles and trying new things!

One piece of advice to first year students: Get to know as many people as you can throughout the program. There are a lot of networking opportunities available and you never know who you might end up working around in the future.