Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Jasmine Kwan, Treasurer


Name & PDC Position: Jasmine Kwan, Treasurer

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Undergraduate Degree: BSc in Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of Alberta

What made you pursue OT, and where do you see yourself going:  I pursed OT because I wanted a career in health sciences to help others and be able to foster a deeper connection with the people I interact with on a daily basis.  OT is very client centered and it is a diverse field where there are many opportunities for me to apply my knowledge and find my own niche.

What you enjoy most about the program: The people I’ve met in this cohort have been very kind and it has been an honour to study with such a compassionate group of future OTs.

Fun piece of information about yourself: I love food and I will drive 2.5 hours for a tub of ice cream.

One piece of advice to first year students: Prioritize work-life balance – it is okay to spend time on yourself.