Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Kennedy Harris, SSOT Rep

Name & PDC Position: Kennedy Harris, SSOT Rep

Hometown: Kindersley, Saskatchewan

Undergraduate Degree: Kinesiology

What made you pursue OT, and where do you see yourself going: I was inspired to pursue OT based on the diverse populations we can work with and because of the creative lens we can use in practice. I’m not exactly sure where I will practice in the future because I still have so much to see, you never know what will spark your interest!

What you enjoy most about the program: Collaborating with peers who share the same passion for helping others.

Fun piece of information about yourself: I played hockey for the UofS Huskies while completing my undergrad.

One piece of advice to first year students: Be open to the various opportunities OT has to offer and get to know your classmates and form connections- these are the people you could be working with in the future!