Occupational Therapy Professional Development Committee

Lara Oberg, Co-President

Name & PDC Position: Lara Oberg, Co-President

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology (neuro focus)

What made you pursue OT, and where do you see yourself going: I love that occupational therapy supports people in the things they do every day. As such, our role can look so different from one client to the next …but ultimately it’s about supporting people in what is most meaningful to them. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling and enriching career! At this point in the program, my main interests are: aging in place (and healthy aging) and chronic illness management. I love that mental and neurological health are deeply embedded in these areas.

What do you enjoy most about the program: The people (students + professors and staff), and all the additional learning opportunities – from client and clinical educators, to workshops, to community events. It’s impossible to do it all, but it’s amazing to have all the options.

Fun piece of information about yourself: I have a super cute rescue dog named Rex! Also, I stress-bake (ha!), I love stationary, my “other life” is music and musical theatre, and I try not to take myself too seriously! Life is too short not to laugh.

One piece of advice to first year students: Make time for unstructured, relaxing, fun time. Actively practice embodying what you will be advising your clients to do. This program is intense, and you will gain so much more from it – and learn so much about yourself – if you make it your own journey. Don’t be afraid of “failing;” as long as you are earnestly, honestly trying your best, you will have all kinds of support from the school.